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The Support

When you purchase our starter kit, you can be assured of maximum support.

As part of our marketing support package, we will supply you with details of glassware suppliers as well as fifteen page full colour catalogues showcasing your exclusive product range.  These catalogues will not bear any suppliers details, there is a blank section for you to print or add your own details.  Further copies are available, which can be, subject to minimum quantity and additional charge, personalised with your very own details.

All products in these catalogues will have a product code besides them. These codes will tie in with the wholesale price list which we can supply at no extra cost. We can also supply you with a 'Suggested retail price' list so that you can quickly work out your profit margins!

If you require professional images of products for your website, then they are generally available from our suppliers on a CD.

We will also supply you with details of where to obtain materials from at highly competitive prices. These material could be anything from the abrasive media and stencil making film right down to glassware, tissues and boxes for packing your finished items.

Training in the use of the glass etching machine and stencil making is carried out at our premises in Romford. A training session is free of charge  to purchasers of the complete kit (otherwise a 100.00+VAT charge will apply). The training session is generally for a morning or an afternoon.

On-going  telephone/e-mail support and guidance is also free of charge.

The entire process if fairly simple, but like all things, practice makes perfect. Once you have had your hands-on training, you should be in a much better position to spend a little more time in practicing. before starting to to take orders.






Easy access to packaging materials
as well as stencil film,
abrasive media etc.


Easy access to all types
of glass products.


Easy access to other sundries

Full colour catalogues supplied
with initial starter pack. Further
copies are available printed with
your own personalise details
(at extra cost)

















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