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The Profit

The profit  which you can make from running any business is very much down to the amount of effort which you put into the business and the product which you concentrate on.

As a minimum, you can expect to make anything from 5.00 to 7.00 profit on one simple product, such as a glass tumbler. However, on other products such as glass trophies, the profit could be as much as between 20.00-30.00. Whilst on items with a high value, such as lead crystal glass, the profit could even be higher, ranging from 50-80.00. per items. Considering that the time taken into making a stencil, and etching glass is under 10 minutes in total, the net returns to be made from glass etching are indeed considerable!

The cost of making a small stencil is less than 10p and the abrasive used up in etching a glass is also insignificant; perhaps no more than, say, 5p. With such low costs, the returns are indeed excellent.

Glass etching business can easily be bolted onto and run alongside an existing business.



















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