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The Market

You could not be more fortunate than to have the luxury of a very diverse of a very diverse market for glass etched products.

Your market could include:

Corporate clients (for awards & trophies)
Customer loyalty presents/giveways
Wedding & Engagements
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Retirement & Leaving Presents
Golf Tournaments
Football, Snooker, Cricket and other Sports Tournaments
Mother's & Father's Days
Valentine Day
Christmas & Easter

No doubt, you will be able to think of many more niche markets which you could so easily tap into.

Glass etched products can be sold directly to your existing customers, by conducting a mail shot to specific companies and trade sectors, or indirectly via jewellers, gift shops, trophy shops, wedding shop, photographic studios.

The Internet is  a powerful tool to market your products to the  whole wide world - after all, this is how you found us! The Internet allows you to supply your products to a very rich and diverse market place without even leaving your home. With the internet, it does not matter who you are, where you live (however remotely) or what you look like! As long as you have a good website and can deliver the goods as your promise, you have an excellent change of doing excellent business over the internet.

Finally, do not forget to market your products to Tourists, Shops, Hotels (Why not personalise the Hotel's glassware!), B&B, Guest Houses, Holiday Camps, Stately & Historical Homes, Restaurants, Sports Shops, to name but a few.

After all, who doesn't like the idea of giving their establishment a more of an upmarket image/appeal!  Apart from logos, names/dates, do not also forget to offer a service for etching emblems, heraldic designs, crests, motifs and logos.

Remember, marketing is all about giving ideas to your potential customers. We believe that one can create a market even if there isn't one in the first place!
















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