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The Equipment

We offer a range of two robust glass etching cabinets, namely The GlassEtch Junior and the GlassEtch Senior.

Both cabinets are connected to an air compressor, which in turn must be connected to a 30amp socket (not 13 amp). Your local electrician should easily be able to fit one of these directly from your fuse board.  The power supply required is still normal domestic single phase (and not 3 phase) - however, a higher amp socket is required so as to avoid blowing the normal 13amp fuse out.

The GlassEtch Junior

The GlassEtch Junior is a table-top system measuring just 580 x 480 x 490mm.  It is robustly made and powder coated.

The GlassEtch Junior incorporates a 12v internal light thereby offering you clearer  vision whilst etching glass. 

Top loading door

The GlassEtch Senior

The Glassetch Senior has a slightly larger cabinet with a side loading door. The Glassetch Senior also incorporates a 12v internal light.

Glassware is held securely inside the glass etching cabinet whilst the etching process takes place. Two rubber gloves are attached to the front of the machine enabling one to hold the glass in one hand and the abrasive nozzle in the other. This also makes the cabinet 'leak proof' so no abrasive media can escape out of the cabinet.

The entire process is extremely safe and has been successfully used for generations by professional glass etchers.



GlassEtch Junior


GlassEtch Senior




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