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About Glass Etching

No other marking process can quite compare with the beauty of fine etched glass, and no other marking process can quite add such prestige and value, even to the cheapest of glassware, than glass etching.

Decorating glass with images, designs, crests and motifs is an ancient art craft which is even widely practiced throughout the world today.  In the days gone by, craftspeople spent a considerable amount of time as apprentices before they were able to consider themselves as professional glass etchers or engravers.

However, like most things today, new technology has had a great impact
in the way that glass can now be etched. No longer does one have to spend years as an apprentice in order to become a professional glass etcher. Utilising modern technology, we can now show you how to decorate virtually any type of glass, without acquiring any previous skills.

With our professional glass etching system , you can now professionally etch anything from tumblers, wine glasses, champagne glasses, decanters, ashtrays, trinket boxes, paper weights etc.

You can also etch onto granite, wood, ceramics/tiles as well as awards. Once etched, your glassware can also be in-filled with gold, silver, or red cream to give it that distinct look.

One thing that you can be guaranteed of is that the recipient of the  glassware will treasure their gift item for a very long time.

Glass etched products are prestigious; the look and feel about them is of high quality.  You would have no doubt have noted that on Television, awards which are normally handed out to recipients are nearly always glass etched. This offers the ultimate is achievement.





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